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/The Story

Nice to meet you! Angel here.


Originally from Sweden and France, I have lived in Switzerland my entire life.


My photography journey started at age 10, though I wouldn’t describe it as my passion then. My father played a big part in it, as he was the one who gifted me my very first little digital camera.


I grew up getting all my dad’s used camera bodies and lenses, shooting with DSLRs occasionally. It was not until I bought my very first camera myself that I started better understand the world of photography.


In 2020, my passion for landscape photography grew beyond expectations, as I started spending time discovering the mountains that Switzerland offers. My will to capture rocky landscapes at night has become an obsession. I will immerse myself fully in the mountains by sleeping in the wilderness.

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Why Composite Photography

/Why composite photography

Composite photography came quickly after, mostly because I became bored of “just” shooting single images and felt my creativity was going down. Being an admirer of Cath Simard, I decided to try this art form myself. I headed to the mountains, slept in my car, and started hiking in the middle of the night to shoot two images I would put later together in post-production.


I had never felt so much excitement creating before. After years of looking for a sense of purpose in my photography, compositing became the fuel to my creative brain. My mind and body started gravitating toward creating meaningful images, and that inner flame keeps getting bigger every day.

The creative process
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/The creative process

Night is at the heart of my creations, as I’ve always preferred working and creating at dusk while the world is falling asleep. It brings me a deep sense of focus. I get inspired by the night’s colors and lights; they speak to me more profoundly.


A lot of effort goes into one final piece. I will spend weeks, if not months, planning one image at one location in advance. I will then hike and stay up all night shooting, most of the time at freezing temperatures. I try to leave nothing to chance when the shooting days come. That increases my success rate in getting all the elements I need.


When I am back after a shoot, I usually let my images sit for a few days before touching them to ensure my vision is clear when I start. And when the time comes, isolation is critical for me to create and give the best of me, usually depriving me of food for hours until I am done.

The Mission

/The mission

I seek to unite the natural and the experimental, the visible and the imaginary, in photographs captured and carefully assembled into unique pieces. More than aesthetic images, the observer immerses him/herself in a surrealistic world where nightlights prevail, and can experience remote places of the world.

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