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/The landscapers Collective

Sloika 2.png

This collective is composed of some of the most talented photographers in web3. While Angelica has been an active member and community builder in NFTs and web3, this collaboration is her very first move into NFTs. Her Genesis drop is currently under construction.

About the collection

First stone brought to our unique collective of landscape photographers is, “OROGENY: Eternal Stones’’. This collection is dedicated to the most wonderful rocky landscapes of our world. Vast deserts, giant sand dunes, great mountains, steep canyons, and many more are waiting for you in this first series from our brand new collective.

Dolomiti final.jpg


Contingency is a piece that represents a circumstance that is possible, yet unpredictable. It is neither true nor false. It stands in between; a blend between reality and imagination.

This NFT is part of the 1st collection of “The Landscapers Collective”, the very first collective completely dedicated to landscape photography, featuring the most talented landscape photographers of the world and most promising artists of the whole NFT space. Many countries, cultures, and languages are represented here, all teamed up around a common project: bringing to the world the best of our beautiful nature through our art.

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